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2 Day UgandaGorilla Trekking Safari from Kigali



Destination: Bwindi National Park Uganda

Meals included: Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast


Endangered mountain gorillas are the star attractions in this adventurous safari to Uganda. Venture to the lush Bwindi Impenetrable Forest to track and observe the habituated primates.


Explore the Pearl of Africa, as it's know, enjoy the landscape including Kigezi Region known as the Switzerland of Africa..

Discover the coveted hour with Uganda’s rare and endangered mountain gorillas. 

Enjoy emersing yourslef with the village dwellers, the Batwa and enjoy some dancing and hunting technics.


Enjoy emersing yourslef with the village dwellers, the Batwa and enjoy some dancing and hunting technics.


Kigali / Bwindi Impenetrable - Gorilla adventure

Activity Note: Today we take a drive for about 3.5 hours to Bwindi impenetrable Forest via Rwanda/Ugandan border of cyanika for the start of our Gorilla safari adventure.

Our guide/driver picks you from your hotel in Kigali. we'll set of for Bwindi Nat Park, from Rwanda and travel northwest for approximately 3.5 hrs. You have a brief stop at the border to clear with customs and then continue your lodge. Depending on which hotel we stay at, we’ll likely be minutes from the main gate of Bwindi National Park Park. Lodge amenities may include a restaurant and bar. Rooms include a private bath with shower. You’ll have time to settle in before dinner.

Gorilla Trekking - Bwindi National Park - Kigali

Activity Note: Today’s mountain gorilla trek typically involves two to four hours of walking through thick brush over steep, rugged terrain at elevations ranging from 7,000 to 9,000 feet —and can include exposure to stinging nettles and re ants. As overexposure to humans is harmful to mountain gorillas, contact is limited to one hour—and there is the possibility that they may become agitated and retreat back into the bush in less than our allotted time. Any travelers showing signs of obvious illness may be refused entrance by park authorities.


At about 7:30am, we take a drive of about 30 minutes to the National Park headquarters at to meet your guides for the day. After completing our park formalities, we are embark on a once in a life time experience of tracking mountain gorillas. Once you spot them you are allowed to spend an hour watching your closest long lost cousin. This is perhaps one of the most breath-taking experiences on earth!!! You get so close to these awesome giant primates. You stare at each other blankly not knowing who to break the long silence first. Tracking the gorillas through the light mountain forest on the slopes of the Virunga is a magical experience. These massive primates are extremely rare, with less than 1000 living today. You will get within meters of the family, and be privileged to spend an hour amongst them. The trekking may be fairly strenuous; up to 3 hours or longer at a relatively high altitude. It is important to bring good hiking boots, long trousers, gloves for protection against stinging nettles, some snacks & sweets (for you, not the gorillas) as well as sufficient water as the rain forest gets hot and humid during the day. You will spend one hour with the gorillas, but it is an hour you will never forget. Depending on the length of our trek, groups will return to our lodge by about 1pm.

Around 2pm, we'll check out of our hotel and drive for four hours to your hotel in Kigali.

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