Wish to contribute your energy and skills as you travel within Rwanda to our Cultural initiative?

Volunteer work is at the Centre of our concept and everyone is welcome, from East Africa and Abroad. Our volunteering is about engaging with locals communities through culture and learning from one another.

Why volunteer?

  • Volunteering is a great way to get work experience! You learn new skills by trying new jobs.

  • You might find something you’d like to do for a living, or discover what you would not want to do.

  • Better yet, you can meet people who can give you guidance and possibly help you to find a paid job later on.

  • Employers will be impressed that you took the initiative to learn new things.

  • You can learn how a charitable organization works.

  • Best of all, you will be taking action to promote what you think is important and probably be helping someone else along the way.

  • Be the change that you seek!



The volunteer work will also includes helping build and install sustainable farming units which allow for families and, in particular, single mothers to start a micro business and through this gain employment and income for their family.

  • Animal husbandry
  • Farm preparation
  • Harvesting
  • Farm yield Value addition

Public outreach program

In this project, you will, help raise awareness about various community development initiatives: 

  • Teaching in primary schools
  • Develop children reading culture
  • Help with career guidance
  • Prepare school workshops for children(cultural exchange)

Ubumwe’ at Kayonza

  • Develop and beautify a home

  • Introduce new facility

  • Prepare and design concepts for painting walls and implement it

  • Construct KItchen Garden that effectively utilizes the local ingredients

  • Build a compost pit


Volunteers as a marketer where you help our projects gain visibility by providing content driven ideas and teach Kawira Foundation staff and communities on new trends in marketing.

  • Become our Photographer

  • Prepare content for Social Network and Blog

  • Record and edit videos of our community events

A typical day: After breakfast, you’ll head out to your morning project, which will vary depending on which skill development project you select. After a break for lunch, you may continue mentoring groups or individuals until 3:00 pm. You’ll head back to your accommodations to rest and eat dinner, and can spend your evenings as you wish. Volunteers usually work from Monday-Friday for 6 hours a day

What’s Included


We offer most affordable accommodation at your Homestay or hotel close to the activity

Water dispenser provided (Carry your own refiler)

What’s Not Included

Flights, personal expenses, airtime for cell phone or internet, and entry visa

Highlights (optional Tours)

We have optional travel and excursion options that volunteers will be able to arrange once on site. (At an additional fee) These include the following:

  • Gorilla Trek

  • Mountain Hike

  • Golden monkey Treks

  • Community based excursions

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