7 days Rwanda cycling safari

7 days Rwanda cycling safari

For this safari tour, do not expect a pleasant, rural single track. You will be sharing the road with motorcycle traffic and the occasional beer delivery trucks or minibus. There are a few long climbs. You will be ascending and descending between intervals of 1,450 and 1,800 meters. The entire trek can be completed in five days. However, cyclists can choose to take on only sections of the trail, hence, do not have to cycle the entire trail.



Arrive in Kigali and transfer to Gisenyi to prep yourself for tomorrow’s big day. Have plenty of rest at the lodge and enjoy your accommodation.


For the second day, you will be cycling from Gisenyi to Kinunu, taking on a distance of 41 kilometers. The ride takes five to six hours.The second day features the steepest elevation climb.


In 50 kilometers, you will cycle from Kinunu to Kibuye, taking about five to eight hours. Day three on the road to Kibuye has the most hills spread out. It is definitely the most taxing day.


From Kibuye to Mugonero, the distance of 35 kilometers will take you about three to five hours. Day four to Mugonero is short but incorporates the highest climb of the trip to 1,887 meters.


For day five, you will rapidly descend to 1,440 meters, Lake Kivu level and climb back up to 1,750 meters over 10 or more kilometers. You will take the path from Mugonero to Kibogora in 35 kilometers for about four to five hours.


You will spend the five to six hours biking from Kibogora to Kamembe in 54 kilometers. Day six is easy. You are on a beautiful, new tarmac road and there are only minor rolling hills.


Depart from Kamembe and catch on to your flight. This officially ends the safari.

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