Best Country to see Mountain Gorillas

What Country Provides the Best Option for Seeing The Mountain Gorillas ?

This is quite a tricky question since they are all mountain gorillas living in the forests! Almost same environment. Besides the mountain gorillas, you can visit Nyungwe Nat park and see other primates in the Park. If its about the cost, please note that, Gorilla permits within Rwanda were recently increased up to $1500 per individual and then in Uganda they go each for USD 600. The permit offers you one hour with the mountain gorillas in a group of 8 people. In case you are threatened by the price look at it in this point of view that you are contributing to the conservation of mountain gorillas and as a form of thank you, you will be rewarded with an hour in the midst observing and enjoying their company. Keep in mind that just 80 people are allowed to see the gorillas in their natural habitat each day. Because their habitat is very fragile, every time you walk in this forest you leave a footprint.

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